February 16, 2011

Bodybuilding Online Supplement Stores (II)

In my previous post “Bodybuilding Online Supplement Stores”, I shared my personal experience with some online stores where you can buy bodybuilding supplements. In this post, I’ll add other sites to my review. Notice that I have concentrated on European stores in order to avoid problems with customs that can occur when one buys outside Europe.
  • Only Fitness Nutrition

    Very good store that sells products from reputable brands such as Optimum Nutrition, BSN, and Gaspari Nutrition at competitive prices. It only ships to Spain, but shipping is free for orders over 50 euros. In addition, it offers a very interesting feature, which they call “Massive Buy”, which establishes special prices for many products when the order is over 250 euros.

  • Maxi Muscle

    Another good store with highly competitive prices, especially for Dymatize products. It only ships to Spain, but shipping is free for orders over 50 euros.

  • PonteMASfuerte

    This store has periodic offers that make it a good option for purchasing individual products. Otherwise, the prices are not as competitive as the previous ones. It only ships to Spain, but shipping is free for orders over 60 euros.

  • Prozis

    This is an international store with delegations around the world. It pretends to offer a great variety of products, although in practice some of them are not in stock. Prices are expensive, unless you find one of its periodic offers. It rewards customers with points according to the amount of products they purchase. These points can be used to reduce shipping costs, which in practice become almost negligible.

  • HSNStore

    This store is an alternative when looking for micronutrients (i.e. vitamins and minerals). The rest of products are not very cheap unless you find an offer. It only ships to Spain, but shipping is free for orders over 65 euros.

  • IAFStore

    This Italian store sells sport products in general. The prices of nutritional supplements are quite good for some products, but it generally suffers from stock problems. It ships around Europe, although it is quite expensive, but it could be free for orders over 250 euros.
Stay connected to hear from my new experiences.


Muscle Building said...

Supplements are essential for the body. Training is more important than diet for muscle building. But you do need to give your body the food it needs for optimal recovery. Most guys don’t eat enough, you got to eat more to build muscle.

jackie4Gold said...

Yeah, you definitely have to eat and follow a balanced diet with any body building regime - because if your big and unhealthy, what's the point?

Tao said...

I never really found any supplements that appeared to make any significant improvements to my gym progress. Supplements can be handy to fill gaps in your diet, however, I've always believed that if you have a healthy diet with enough protein and calories, packaged with good sensible training and enough rest and recovery, that's all you realistically need. I know the supplement companies will probably agree to disagree!
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George said...

Thank you all for your comments!

I agree that proper training, balanced diet, and enough rest are key requirements for building muscle. As the name suggests, supplements are only an addition to them. However, they can be very useful to get some nutrients that are hard to get with the diet alone.

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